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This is a new season of Austin & Ally, but there may be a spin-off show stay tuned!

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Season 4 Cast                   Edit

Main Cast:Edit

Ross Lynch - teen beach movie Austin and Ally R5 muppets most wanted

Laura Marano - Liv and Maddie gold fish Austin and ally

Calum Worthy - good luck Charlie Austin and Ally

Raini Rodriguez - Austin and Ally

Recurring Cast:

Andy Milder as Lester Dawson                                                                                                                    

season Finale Episode: 24 Edit

Austin is working on his 3rd album after Ally is in the middle of The 2nd Album process. Meanwhile,

Trish and Dez go to see Zaliens 8 My Brains Live. Also, Austin and Ally have a tough decision to make

on where their relationship will go.

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