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Season 5                   Edit

Main Cast: Edit

Ross Lynch as Austin Moon Edit

Laura Marano as Ally Dawson Edit

Tasheem Timberlake as Andre Moon Edit

Calum Worthy as Dez WadeEdit

Raini Rodriguez as Trish De la Rosa Edit

Noah Centineo as Dallas OKeefe Edit

Aubrey Peeples as Cassidy Timmons Edit

Recurring Cast: Edit

Andy Milder as Lester Dawson                                                                                                                            Edit

Julia Campbell as Penny Dawson Edit

John Henson as Mike Moon Edit

Jill Benjamin as Mimi Moon Edit

Riker Lynch as Texas Moon Edit

Billy Unger as Jake Moon Edit

Abigail Breslin as Casey Dawson Edit

Spencer Boldman as James Moon Edit

Halston Sage as Scarlett.B Edit

Mia Talerico as Selene Moon Edit

Season 5 Production Edit

The Fifth Season Is Planned to Be Aired In Early 2016 And Will Introduce A New Main Character Cassidy And She Was Added In The Intro In The First Episode.The Production Will Start November 2014 To Late 2015.Fanfic Filming will Start Oct 30,2014 to Jan.17,2015.Season 5 Consist 26 Episodes. On November 24,2012 Austin & Ally Fanon Was Renewed For A Fifth Season.The Fifth Season Is Planned to Be Aired In Early 2015 And Will Introduce A New Main Character Cassidy And She Was Added In The Intro In The First Episode And Will Also Introduced Kyle Johnson He Was Added To The Intro In The 6th Episode And Became A Main Character .The Production For The 26 Episodes Will Start November 2014 To Late 2015.The Production For The Pilot Will Start January 6,2013 to May 3rd,2013.Filming For The 26 Episodes Will Start Oct 30,2014 to Jan.17,2015.Season 5 Consist 18  Episodes But On Dec 8 The Order Extended From 18 to 26 But Then Cutted 13 Episodes And Became 13 Then On Dec 21 It Extended The Order From 13 to 27.The Fifth Season Pilot Will Be Filmed In Beginning Of The Second Quarter Of 2013 (May 24,2013) Edit

Episodes: Edit

1. Backstage World Records & Grasshoppers: In The Season 5 Premiere,When It Is The Last Day Of The Windows Down Tour Austin Stops in Australia He Trys To Break The World Record For Fastest Dresser. Meanwhile Dez Brings A Grasshopper On Tour From Los Angeles And An Inspesctor Hunt's It Down Because It's Illegal To Take Animals From Los Angeles So Dallas,Ally,Cassidy And Trish Help Dez Hide It. Edit

2.Boy Bands & Love Potions: When Austin & Ally Are Planning A Special Date Austin Blows It Off So He Could Make A Boy Band With James,Texas,Jake,Kyle And Audition For Gustavo Rocque And Ally Ask Trish,Casey & Cassidy To Make The Band Stay.Meanwhile Dez Starts To Like Scarlett And Makes A Love Potion But Keeps Going Wrong. Edit

3.Viruses & Sleepovers: When Austin Visits Mission Creek To Visit Uncle Davenport Leo,Adam,Chase,Dez,Dallas,Austin,Jake,James,Kyle,Texas & Davenport Unleash TEDDY The Virus They Must Save Everybody In Mission Creek Before It's Too Late.Meanwhile The Girls Have A Sleepover & Accidentally Destroy The Female House System And Blows The System So Now They Have To Fix It While The Virus Is On The Loose.Prod Code:503 Edit

4. Kickin It & Skate Skunks: When Austin & The Gang Visits Jack. Austin Is Becomes A Part Of The Wasabi Warriors And Has A Chance To Live In Seaford But There Disadvantages When He Has To Leave his Friends & Family And Ally So He Has To Make A Decision To Be A Martial Artist And Singer With No Partner In Seaford Or Take Down The Scholarship And Still Live Miami And Continue His Dream.Meanwhile Ally,Dez ,Dallas,James,Cassidy, Trish & Casey Go To A Skate Park But A Skunk Accidentally Gets In And The Gang Got Locked In They Must Get Out And Take Out The Skunk.  Prod Code:505 Edit

5.Broken Foot & Skateborading: When Dez Accidentally Trips Texas He Makes A 702lbs Hit Austin On The Leg And Is Unable To Perform So James,Jake,Casey,Ally,Texas,Trish & Kyle Help Austin Perform Without Walking.Meanwhile Make The Best Skateboard Team Skate Raiders Mad And Challenges Dez & Dallas And If They Lose They Have To Run Naked And Say  "Raiders Rock Mutltiple Times So Now They Have To Learn To Skateboard And Win The  Battle.Prod Code:502 Edit

6. Sports & Clubs : TBA Edit

7. Bunkin' With Austin & Ally: Austin and Ally get a gig to perform for everyone at camp Kikiwaka but they all soon run into the Kikiwaka Bear! Note: Totally Fan Made

Guest Stars:

Peyton List as Emma Ross

Karan Brar as Ravi Ross

Skai Jackson as Zuri Ross

Miranda May as Lu

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