Season 4


April 25, 2016 to January 3, 2017

Number Of Episodes


Written Production

Jan 2016 to August 2016

Theme Song:

Upside Down




July 24, 2016

On Dec 28 2015 Fanon renewed Austin & Ally for a sixth season. Production will start April 2016.  Season 6 is set to pick up when season 5 will end which is 527.

Plot Edit

 Austin & the gang strive to popularity and Austin's career will start  to get better and the characters personalitys change before they turn 18 and possibly will start new relationships and reunite relationships. There authentic friendship connect to each other and the stories will start to evolve.        

Season 6 Possible FinaleEdit

In the show the gang is 17 to 18 and this will be a special season and will go there seperate ways for the summer or still strive with team austin.

  • Austin becoming a solo artist, actor, dancer 
  • Ally becoming a celebrity songwriter
  • Dez becoming a director & producer 
  • Trish becoming a manager and own a recording studio 
  • James becoming a singer & movie actor 
  • Trent become a solo artist & dancer 
  • Cassidy becoming a famous rockstar and being known with her bad as Cassidy and The Paramores 
  • Dallas becoming a famous guitarist 
  • Kyle becoming an Actor, Dancer & Singer  

Also Jimmy quoted "I'll give a 4 year contract record deal" and this contract might end soon because 3 years have passed.

2016 Fanfic World Tour Edit

It is believed that when the cast is finished recording the  episodes for season 4, Ross will have a summer world tour to promote Ross Lynch fourth solo album.        

☀Ross Tweeted\Announced #2016 WT In Summer @R5 I'm Waiting The World Tour #Yolo!

Austin & Ally Movie 2? Edit

Calum Worthy had an interview and he said "'That it has been confirmed will be filming a second Austin & Ally movie but with more of a creative name instead of Austin & Ally Movie 2.

Crossover Episode Edit

The A&A gang will guest star as themselves in a Pair Of Kings 3 part special one hour Event Called 'Pair Of Tunes. And Ross, Trent, James and Kyle will perform a new song called This Is My Someday it is set to be filmed on April 25 2016 to May 2,2016.It is set to be aired on July 24 2016.(Note This won't count as an Austin & Ally episode but as a Pair Of Kings episode). The Austin & Ally Cast  will also guest star in a crossover with I Didn't Do It  with an Event Called 'Instruments & Kisses" It is set to be filmed on June 12 2016 to June 15,2016.It is set to be aired on September 14, 2016. There will also be the first Nickelodeon & Disney Crossover including Marvin Marvin & Austin & Ally in a two hour event called Marvin & The Klerg. It was filmed from June 18, 2016 to June 22, 2016. It will air October 15, 2016.

Production Edit

Kenneth Carter will be back to write 7 episodes for Season 6 and will direct 5 episodes. Amy Hart will write 3 episodes, while Alex Padilla will co-write 2 episodes. Daniel Arch will co write one whole episode and will direct seven episodes. Calum Worthy will co write one episode and direct one episode.

Music Edit

Here are the music that was performed on the series.

Cameos & Confidence 

  • "Redial" perfomed by Ally Dawson
  • Upside Down performed by Austin Moon
  • "What Were About'' performed by Austin Moon
  • "Cameo Mash Up (Billion Hits, Me & You, Heard It On The Radio, Can't Do It Withthout You) performed by James, Kyle, Trent & Cassidy 

Drivers ED & Dinners 

  • Stuck On You" performed by Austin Moon"
  • "Sorry I Wasn't There'' performed by "Ally Dawson"

Phone Challenges & Parrots

  • "Got It 2''performed by Austin Moon" 


Season 6 Episode Guide Edit

  • 1. Cameos & Confidence Prod Code: 604
  • 2. Drivers ED & Dinners Prod Code: 606
  • 3. Phone Challenges & Parrots Prod Code: 610
  • 4. Spices & Skydiving Prod Code: 611
  • 5. Victims & Villans Prod Code: 616
  • 6. Reality Shows & Replacements Prod Code: 614
  • 7. Glee Clubs & Grades Prod Code: 602
  • 8. Oranges & Oak Trees Prod Code: 603
  • 9. Mummies & Masks Prod Code: 605
  • 10. Secret Councils & Spyfalls Prod Code: 608
  • 11. Graduations & Gamers Prod Code: 613
  • 12. Superheroes & Snakes Prod Code: 615
  • 13. Instruments & Kisses Prod Code: 601
  • 14-15. Big Decisions & Bears Prod Code: 617 - 618        
  • 16. Very Bad Dates & Very Bad Dance Videos Prod Code: 609
  • 17. Ordinary Tunes & Freaky Trials Prod Code:607 
  • 18. Campers & Ferris Wheels Prod Code: 612
  • 19. Pranks & Karate Prod Code: 620
  • 20 Backups & Gluetraps Prod Code: 622
  • 21. Infants & Lemonade Prod Code: 619
  • 22. Everglades & Stunt Doubles Prod Code: 621
  • 23. Musical Numbers & Monkeys Prod Code: 625
  • 24-25. New Beginnings & New Relationships Prod Code: 623 - 624


  1. Pair of Tunes
  2. Marvin & Klerg
  3. Instruments & Kisses

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