Shake it Up with Austin & Ally!
Also known as Shake it Up

Austin and Ally

Format Teen sitcom
Created by Ryan Griffin
Written by Ryan Griffin
Directed by Ryan Griffin
Starring Ross Lynch,Laura Marano,Bella Thorne,Zendaya & Spencer Boldman
Opening theme Shake it Without You
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 18
Kevin Kopelow
Heath Seifert
Location(s) Los Angeles Center Studios Los Angeles, California
(taping location)
Camera setup Videotape (filmized);
Running time 22-24 minutes
It's a Laugh Productions
Disney Channel Original Productions
Original channel Disney Channel
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
720p (HDTV)
Original airing June 14, 2013
(as a series preview)
Status In production
External links
Official website

Shake it Up with Austin & Ally is an American television that will premiere on Disney Channel in the United States. The series was created by Ryan Griffin, the writers and producers of Disney Channel sitcomsThe Suite Life with Jessie, Austin and Ally! and Jonas. Production for the pilot episode began in mid-February 2013. On May 25, 2013, Disney Channel announced that Austin & Ally and Shake it Up with be a crossover show had been picked up for a Mid 2013 premiere. The first promo was released on June 14, 2013 during Disney Channel's Friday night event. A series preview will follow the premiere of the Disney Channel Original Movie Teen Beach Movie


The series follows the partnership between polar opposites — Austin, an extroverted musician/singer, and Ally, a brilliant yet shy songwriter and their two best friends, Trish and Dez. Unbeknownst to Ally, Austin and Dez “borrow” one of her songs, record it, create a video and post it on the Internet, after which it and Austin become a local sensation. When Trish convinces Ally to tell the world she wrote the song, Austin pleads with her to write another hit for him. Instead, the two combine their talents to create a true musical tour-de-force.And they mow live in Chicago and Austin is on Shake it Up Chicago!,and Ally lives there now because Sonic Boom is now in Chicago!


  • Ross Lynch as Austin, is a 15-year old aspiring singer who became an overnight teen internet sensation. He struggles to maintain the same and make money from his new-found stardom. Austin might have feelings for Ally but they are not dating. Later in the series, he might date Ally.
  • CeCe Jones portrayed by Bella Thorne, is an impulsive and street-smart girl. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her brother and mother. She is also glamorous and a multi-talented girl. Initially, she performs poorly in school partially because of dyslexia (though this isn't revealed until later), but also in part because of her "trouble-making" behavior and her lack of motivation. She gradually improves academically as the series progresses. Being fearless, CeCe is constantly getting into trouble. Despite her initially failing audition due to stage fright, she eventually earns a spot as a background dancer on the local dance show "Shake It Up Chicago".
  • Laura Marano as Ally is a 15-year old aspiring singer-songwriter with an extreme case of stage fright. She wrote the hit song that Austin performed, but nobody knows about it yet and is kept a secret. Ally may have feelings for Austin but they are not dating. Later in the series, she might date Austin
  • Rocky Blue, portrayed by Zendaya, is a sweet, book-smart girl whose heart belongs to dancing. She is a vegetarian and supporter of animal rights, as mentioned in "Meatball it Up". She is always trying to get CeCe out of trouble, which often gets them both into trouble. Rocky is kindhearted but strong-minded as well. She is Ty's younger sister. Their dad is never seen until one Season 2 episode but is mentioned briefly by Ty throughout Season 1, explaining his absence, as he's always on business trips. Though Rocky's real name is Raquel, CeCe gave her the nickname "Rocky" when they first met, which eventually caught on with all of Rocky's friends and family.
  • Spencer Boldman as Adam Davenport,CeCe's Boyfriend Who Rocky Kissed.

Rucurring CastEdit

  • Raini Rodriguez as Trish, is a 15-year old fashionista, who becomes Austin's personal stylist and his manager. She's Ally's best friend.
  • Calum Worthy as Dez, is a 15-year old geeky aspiring director who films everything he can. He's the one who filmed Austin singing Ally's original song and posted it online. He is Austin's best friend.
  • Lester Dawson, portrayed by Andy Milder,is Ally father.
  • Flynn Jones, portrayed by Davis Cleveland, is CeCe's younger brother. Described as "wise beyond his years", his characteristics include having an appetite for bacon, playing video games and annoying his older sister. He feels a special affection for Rocky which is revealed in "Model It Up". His best friend is CeCe's math tutor, a college graduate named Henry Dillon, who is about Flynn's age. He and CeCe's parents are divorced. Their dad is mentioned only once and appeared in the episode "Parent Trap It Up". He is occasionally seen dancing on the show and even performed a routine with Ty and Deuce in "Hot Mess It Up". He will also do anything for ice cream as seen in "Break It Up".
  • Ty Blue, portrayed by Roshon Fegan, is Rocky's older brother who is an aspiring actor and rapper and host of Shake It Up Chicago. Although a skilled dancer, he passed on the chance to try out for "Shake It Up Chicago", claiming he does not dance for "the man". His personality is described as "hip, cool and sarcastic", and proclaims himself a ladies' man.He and Deuce are often seen together, but have an odd friendship with each other most of the time. He and Deuce also are often babysitting Flynn. A possible romance based relationship was developed in episode "Add It Up" between him and Tinka, but was not further progressed in any following episodes. He is good at pranks, like when he doodled on Flynn's face in "Give it Up". He is also the new host on Shake It Up Chicago, after the previous host was fired after arguing with the new executive producer about which Blue (Rocky or Ty) would make the new cast.
  • Tinka Hessenheffer,[1] portrayed by Caroline Sunshine, is the twin sister of Gunther (portrayed by Kenton Duty) who came to Chicago as exchange students from a small mountain country in the first grade. The parents of Tinka and Gunther are only in one episode but they are even stranger than the twins. They eat strange food and give out left overs in small doggy bags.She and her brother are "frenemies" to Rocky and CeCe at school and as fellow dancers on "Shake It Up, Chicago." She also may have a relationship with Ty Blue, implied when they went on a date in one episode, but further progress was not shown in the succeeding episodes. Tinka takes pride in herself, similar to Gunther, and is competitive. In the season three premiere, Tinka surprises Rocky and CeCe by suddenly acting nice to them. She reveals that Gunther has left to return home and she feels lost without him so wants them as friends. At first wary, Rocky and CeCe decide to give Tinka a chance after the she tries to take the blame for burning down the dance studio. She is also known to be a talented cake decorator as shown in "Oh Brother It Up".



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