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A day after her performance with Austin and their first kiss, Stevie ignores Austin so she can spend her own time writing her song. Now, Austin must get him & Stevie back to their romantic friendship. Meanwhile, Dallas, Ally, Veronica & Phil ignores Fimble. At the end, Austin serenades Stevie with a song about their romantic friendship


  • Ross Lynch as Austin Moon 
  • Laura Marano as Ally Dawson
  • Raini Rodruigez as Trish de la Rosa
  • Calum Worthy as Dez
  • Noah Centineo as Dallas Timmons
  • Aubrey Peeples as Cassidy Lake
  • Lauren Dixon as Stevie Lake
  • Victoria Campbell as Carole Hanson
  • Ariel Kaplan as Lisa Atwood
  • Marny Kennedy as Veronica diAngelo

Recurring CastEdit

  • Jake Short as Fimble
  • Cosmo Feltham as Phil Marsten
  • Kaiya Jones as Ashley
  • Sierra McCormick as Melanie
  • Denyse Tontz as Nikki Ortiz


  • Austin & Stevie will be close friends and will start a close friendship.


  • What I Like About You - Ross Lynch

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