“Snow & Sandals”
Season 1, Episode 6
Air Date

January 8, 2012

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When Ally gets sandals instead of snow boots on purpose, Ally sets a plan to get back at GOSH boots company. Meanwhile, it won't stop snowing that the whole gang are trapped in Sonic Boom. Ally stresses out about the sandals, Austin stresses out about not hooking up a song due to Ally being busy, Trish stresses out about the props that were left outside, and Dez stresses about being claustraphobic. Ally calls GOSH boots and finds out that the ordering system has been hacked because of the snow and she can't return the sandals. Frustrated, Ally throws the sandals out of the ice. Surprisingly, the snow starts falling and the gang continue to throw items to get out. They return safely at home. Ally gets her snow boots and they spend the hours skiing.


  • GOSH boots are a parody of UGG boots.

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