“So Brad”
Season 2, Episode 2
Air Date

July 7, 2013

Production code




Episode Guide

“Good Girl”


“Call Mr. Maybe”


Kira returns with her new boyfriend Brad then Brad causes trouble by flirting with Cassidy which constantly getting on her and Kira's last nerve so Cassidy begins to lie in order to get less annoyed making her more annoyed. Meanwhile, Dallas and Ally struggle to find Belle & Stevie after the two (Belle & Stevie) get attacked.


  • Ross Lynch as Austin'
  • Laura Marano as Ally
  • Calum Worthy as Dez (absent)
  • Raini Rodruigez as Trish
  • Noah Centineo as Dallas
  • Aubrey Peeples as Cassidy
  • Lauren Dixon as Stevie
  • Victoria Campbell as Carole 
  • Ariel Kaplan as Lisa
  • Marny Kennedy as Veronica
  • Cosmo Feltham as Phil
  • Aisha Dee as Desiree
  • Ella-Rose Shenman as Kristi

Recurring CastEdit

  • Kiersey Clemons as Kira
  • Taylor Lautner as Brad
  • Shane Harper as Nate


  • This is the first time Cassidy has kissed Dallas
  • Kira & Cassidy both break up with Brad and Kira decides to date Nate

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