“Surf's Up!”
Season 2, Episode 5
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“Breakups & Baked Cakes”


“Austin, Rocky, & The Saddle Club: All-Star Summer”


The gang decides to go to beach but after crashing on a wave, They land in Teen Beach Movie in Puerto Rico. Will they ever go home or will they stay forever?


  • Ross Lynch as Austin/Brady
  • Laura Marano as Ally
  • Raini Rodruigez as Trish
  • Calum Worthy as Dez
  • Noah Centineo as Dallas
  • Aubrey Peeples as Cassidy
  • Lauren Dixon as Stevie
  • Victoria Campbell as Carole
  • Ariel Kaplan as Lisa
  • Marny Kennedy as Veronica
  • Cosmo Feltham as Phil
  • Ella-Rose Shenman as Kristi
  • Aisha Dee as Desiree

Guest CastEdit

  • Maia Mitchell as Mackenzie
  • Grace Phipps as Lela
  • Garrett Clayton as Tanner
  • John DeLuca as Butchy
  • Chrissie Fit as Chee-Chee
  • Jessica Lee Keller as Struts
  • Jordan Fisher as Seacat


  • This is a crosssover with Teen Beach Movie

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