“Thanksgiving & Thermometers”
Season 2, Episode 31
Air Date

Novmber 18, 2012

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Plot Edit

Marino High School is having a Thanksgiving party and Ally has to while it by Saturday but just when she finished it, the popular girl, Macy destroys her plans so her sister Marley, who is Ally's friend helps Ally get them back. Trish and Dez's science class are having a contest to see who builds the biggest thermometer.

Cast & Guest Cast Edit

  • Ross Lynch as Austin Moon
  • Laura Marano as Ally Dawson
  • Raini Rodriguez as Trish De La Rosa
  • Calum Worthy as Dez
  • Diana Agron as Macy
  • Becca Tobin as Marley

Scenes Edit

Scene One

Team Austin is seen in the school cafeteria and the prinicpal of the school approachs Ally and says "Ally, you are a straight A student, your calm and your mature so I need you to plan the school Thanksgiving party." Ally replies and says "I would love to!" The principal replies "Great! You have until this Saturday!" and walks off. "What? I have to plan this by Saturday! That's 4 days away!" And Ally ran off. Austin got up out of hid seat to find Ally. "Don't worry Als, I'll help you!" Austin told Ally and she hugged him and said "Thank you!"

Scene 2 The scene goes to Sonic Boom with Austin & Ally making decorations for the Thanksgiving party. "Austin, this party is gonna awesome!" Ally said but then Ally sounded like a downer. "I still don't have a date." She said sounding sad. Then the scene makes Austin do one of the thinking things. "I should ask Ally to the dance! She's funny, smart and beautiful! And plus she's my best friend!" He was thinking. Then the same thing happened to Ally. "I hope Austin will ask me out!" she was also thinking to her self. "Ally, you'll find someone! Trust me!" Austin said and then Ally's friend Marley came in. "Hey!" Marley said as she walked in. "Can I help you guys?" Marley asked and Ally replied Yes. Marley got to work and made this huge banner.It had the colors of: Brown, green, orange, black, red and many different colors with pictures of turkeys.

Scene 3 The scene changes and goes to school the next day where Ally, Austin and Marley are hanging the decorations in the gym for the party. It was Wednesday and she was super pumped. "Ally do you have a date to the dance?" Austin asked as he was hanging up a turkey. "No why?" Ally said. "Cause I was wondering if you... Could..." Austin said. "I love to go the dance with you Austin!" Ally exclaimed. "That was easy then I had thought!" Austin said and went back to decorating. From a distance, Macy was watching Ally and mumbling to herself. "I'm gonna get her for stealing my man! You'll see Ally Dawson!" she said and walked off.