Austin has a concert in Hollywood so they go there. They get booked at this amazing hotel. Both the guys and the girls get a huge suite and the love it. They have a while until the concert so they go look around. Austin starts to walk the streets trying to get to the beach. Some girls ask for a photo with him because he has no shirt. Meanwhile Trish and Ally go shopping at a huge mall. It has everything but Trish tries to steal something. The police catch her and bring her to prison. Dez is walking down the streets and he finds Austin. They both walk to the beach and go surfing. When Austin's on the waves he gets a call from Ally saying Trish was framed. Ally wants him there to help but he can't because he's in his bathing suit and has no shirt on. Ally tells him to go back and get changed so Dez and him go back. Trish is in a prision cell and she really wants to get out. Ally tries to get Trish free but it doesn't work. Austin and Dez get back to the hotel room, but Dez goes down to the lobby to ask for something. Austin tries to find a shirt, but he only finds one. It's too small of him and you could see his belly button. He takes it off and tries to open the door but it's locked. He goes into the vent but forgets his phone. Now Ally & Trish are both trapped in a cell. Austin keeps going through the vent and he finally makes it out. He runs to the jail and Dez is there. He explains to the police and saves Ally & Trish. Ally hugs him even though he's shirtless. Then they kiss. Austin performs a new song "Heroes" at his concert, and at the end of the song he rips of his shirt. At the end their all laying down on chairs at the beach. 


Austin walking the streets feeling the sun with no shirt on


  • This is another time we see Austin shirtless.
  • Austin's shirt is off for most of the episode.
  • Ally feels Austin's abs.

Episode ScriptEdit

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