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You're a songwriter and I'm a singer so We're the perfect team!
— Konas describing him and Abby
Konas and Abby

Konas & Abby " is the unaired version of the pilot episode of Austin & Ally. It was never aired but was leaked online in April 4, 2011


Unknown to her Abby finds out her cousin Konas is staying with her since his mother is in Africa while his father is filming another blockbuster hit , Abby finds out her father's music store Music Heaven is in danger of closing down and if open mic night is not a success it's closed down for good until Konas accidentally sings her song at the open mic night and Zed films the performance and it goes viral and he becomes famous and gets a record deal from Gibble Ramone. When Kira convinces Abby to tell the world she wrote the song, Ally confronts her cousin but he refuses to give her credit. However, when Konas is asked to perform another original song at NY Music Awards Show which is in 2 days, Konas pleads with her to write another hit song for him and not create any fuss. At first she refuses but, after hearing about his dream in music, she agrees to work with Konas and the others as a team for the career of Konas Ray. 

Songs FeaturedEdit

  • This is My Someday (premiere)
  • Stuck On You (premiere) 
  • Why You Got To Be A Turd (premiere)
  • Break Down The Walls (theme song; premiere)


Main CastEdit

  • Curt Hansen as Konas Ray
  • Laura Marano as Abby James
  • Kiersey Clemons as Kira Jackson
  • Ross Lynch as Zed 

Recurring Cast

  • Andy MIlder as Lester James
  • Richard Whiten as Gibble Ramone
  • Mim Drew as Challen James 

Guest CastEdit

  • Greg Workswick as Gilllllllllllllll
  • Jarret Wright as Security Guard 
  • Cocoa Brown as Female Newscaster
  • Ithamar Enriquez as Miami Music Awards Show announcer (voice)
  • Robert Picardo as Dr. Grant.
  • Calum Worthy as Jay James
  • Loni Love as Mary 


  • The Original names of the 3 were Zed (Dez), Konas (Austin), Abby (Ally) and Kira was a main character
  • Raini Rodriguez was not in the pilot and Austin was played by Curt Hansen and Kira was played Kiersey Clemons and Austin's Name was Konas Ray and Ally's name was Abby James and Ross Lynch played the old draft version of Dez, Zed and Calum Worthy played Abby's Brother Jay instead of Dez
  • Also in this pilot episode with Curt, Konas was a biker and is from Canada and the show takes place in New York City, Zed wears a helmet and a computer genius, and "Jay" is 20 years old 
  • The mall set is not the main hang out of the main characters instead of The Mall it's the The X Box 
  • It was revealed that they replaced Curt and lowered Kiersey was lowered to a recurring character because of the lack of chemistry between them and Curt (they have to become friends) and Kiersey was working on other projects at the time they were supposed they were to film the other 12 episodes so they decided to replace him and Upgrade Ross's role to Konas and changed his name to Austin Moon and Laura's to Ally Dawson and upgraded Calum's role from Jay to Zed and changed his name to Dez and added Raini Roddriguez to the cast as Trish four weeks before the episode was suppose to aired.
  • Instead of Abby destroying set before he performed she had destroyed it after he performed
  • Instead of Konas performing at the Helen Show he performed at the NY Music Awards and Ally's mother was played by Mim Drew and instead of her character being bookworm her character was a rocker esque personality similar to Austin and Zed had a crush on Abby. 
  • Kira gets two jobs in this episode. She gets a job at Book Store and as Konas's Manager
  • Stuck On You was made into a fast beat rock song instead of a Slow Beat song
  • This episode was filmed for 3 days from March 19, 2010 to March 22,2010 and it was filmed in Tornto for 3 days and in California for 4 days from July 21, 2010 to July 24, 2010 . Ross and Laura were 14, Calum was 19, Kiersey was 17 and Curt was 22 when they for the first half and Ross & Laura were still14 Calum was still 19, Kiersey was 17 and Curt was 23 for the second half.
  • This episode is an one hour special and this episode was mostly used with laugh track and was  filmed outside for atleast 1/4 of the episode

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