Millie Marshall
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Gender Female
Age 15
Hometown Miami, Flordia
Born Los Angeles, California
Professional Information
  Singing, Dancing, Managing (Trish replaced Millie)
Friends and Family
Dana Marshall & Dan Marshall
Daisy Marshall (appears in Lindseys & Leafs)
Ally Dawson, Austin Moon, Dez, Trish & Katelyn
Love interests
Austin (sometimes)
Other Information
First Appearance
  Victory & Dices
Portrayed by
Peyton List
About Millie== Millie is a sweet, kind of girl, Her parents are Dana & Dan Marshall, She was born on June 29th, 1994 in Los Angeles, And moved to Miami, Flordia, Her sister, (Daisy Marshall b. 1996) was born in Miami, Flordia.
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