Austin & Ally have been friends for 2 years, Now they see each other again at Sonic Boom, where Ally works at, Ally was putting up decoractions for the christmas party they're having at Sonic Boom. Austin & Ally see each other & kissed, And Ally thought it was weird, And Austin thought it was weird too.


At 7:00pm, The christmas party started, Austin & Ally were stuck in a surfshop called Billl's Surf Shop, There was a mistletoe in front of them, Austin kissed Ally and something changed.


Ross Lynch as Austin Moon

Laura Marano as Ally Dawson

Calum Worthy as Dez

Raini Rodriguez as Trish

Guest Stars: Stefanie Scott as Peggie Missleheffen, China Anne Mcclain as Millie Admin, Coco Jones as Lisa Andrews

Episode Details

In the next episode, Madison Pettis will guest star, Cody Simpson will guest star and Billy Unger will guest star and Bella Thorne & Zendaya will guest star.

Scene Section

When Austin & Ally kissed, Dez & Trish don't remember Austin & Ally, At the end of the episode Austin preformed "Heard It On The Radio".


Ally: Austin, I love you (kisses him on the cheek] Austin: I love you too


Ally had a crush on Austin when she met him.

Austin had a crush on Trish when Ally told him she loves him.

Dez was jealous of Ally dating Austin.

Trish was jealous of Austin dating Ally.

Trish became Austin's Manager.

Ally used to date Dallas before Austin.

Trish used to date Austin.

Austin & Ally text each other everyday.

Ally moved to Miami, Flordia with her Mom & Dad.


Heard It On The Radio, Watch Me & Hang In There, Baby