Here's the thing

We started out friends

We tried to hide our feelings

We tried to pretend

We found a way

Took hold and came to lead

Now I need you by my side

I need you back next to me

We were the closest two people could be

We weren't ready for the fallout

The breakout

The blackout

Now I stand here for the first and final time

Hoping and asking

For you to be mine

I fell in love and I want to keep

You right here next to me

I told you it was just another fake

A revolution's stake

But it was a love song

It came from my heart

Now we've gone and thrown what we had away

They say we would never make it

But is it too late to try?

Cause I just won't be able to take it

The day you say good-bye

You know me as shy and sweet

Afraid to show how I feel

But, baby I finally found something real

So I fight the fears

I'll fight them power

If I can just make it to you

Don't say know

Because I know you to well

And I know you love me too

-Ally Dawson's first performance for now fiance Austin Moon

Circa 2016 (I only wish!!!)