• Foreverausllyfangirl1009

    Ally POV

    Austin touched my book! But he used it to do the sweetest most dedicated thing anyone has ever done for me! I always had a suspicion I liked Austin. I mean, he's cute, unbelievably sweet and has that crazy smile that always makes me laugh. Even when I liked Dallas Austin charmed me. Two hands cover my eyes. "Guess who?" he says. I giggle. "Austin!" He pecks me on the cheek. "Right! You win..... a free kiss!"  Austin always has the craziest ways of getting a kiss out of me. "Guess who got a job at Fiona's Fabulous Flowers!" Trish says. "Um... you?" Austin laughs.

    "How's the happy couple?" Trish giggles. "Fine." I say. Austin leans in for a kiss and I don't argue. Every minute I'm with him makes me happier. Then I hear a voice in the …

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