In this crossover episode with Good Luck Charlie, Austin is on his state tour, and when he, Ally, Dez and Trish arrive in Denver they have nowhere to stay. Austin comes across his old friend, PJ Duncan, who lets him stay at his parents' house. Austin develops a crush on Teddy and asks her out, meaning he cheats on Ally (because they're dating in my fanfic) so Ally finds out and she and Trish ask Gabe, who is good at revenge, to help get revenge on him. Meanwhile, Dez is making a movie starring Charlie and Toby. THAT IS PART 1.

Part 2: After getting revenge on Austin, Ally decides it is time to move on, and she develops a crush on PJ. She asks him out in spite to hurt Austin's feelings. But what will happen when Teddy and Austin break up? And the Duncans along with Trish and Dez go to a theme park.