“Voices & Volcanos”
Season 1, Episode 7
Air Date

19th January

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Austin and ally forever123 and AusllyFlyna183

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Voices & Volcanos is the seventh episode in season 1 of Austin & Ally Fanon.

Memorable quote: Ally to her mum "Ok, here is the thing. Trish booked me to sing with Austin but I can't cause I have stage fright"

Overview: Trish books Ally to play a gig with Austin but Ally tries to make an excuse to backout of the gig because of her stage fright. 

Reference: Austin and ally forever123 AusllyFlyna183

The Story:

Trish: Ally, can you please sing for me, Austin and Dez?

Ally: Why?

Trish: We just wanted to hear you sing

Ally: Um.. Ok what song?

Austin: Oh do If I Can't Be With You by R5

Ally: (singing) All of this stuff sucks ya all of it sucks if I can't be with you and no Oscar no Grammy no mansion in Miami sun don't shine the sky ain't blue if I can't be with you (stops singing) (Austin Dez and Trish have shocked looks on their faces)I guess you guys liked it.

Austin: Liked it? We loved it!

Trish: That's why I booked you to play a gig with Austin

Ally: Whaaaat?


Ally: Why did you do that?

Dez: Yeah!

Trish: Well, it's obuvius that you are awesome singer but you never performed with Austin. But now is your chance!

Dez: Yeah!

Ally: But Trish, you know I have (stops) nothing.

(Trish is confused)

Dez: Yeah! Wait, what?

Trish: (to Dez) What is your problem? Oh I know, you are one BIG IDIOT!

Dez: Yeah Ally, what is your problem?

Trish: Will you just stop doing that!?

Dez: Yeah Ally, will you...(Trish pushes him) (Dez falls)

Ally: Well... Gotta go. Bye! (leaves)

Austin: Something tells me that she doesnt want to perform. She is acting weird.

Dez: (gets up) And that's strange because...?

Trish: I actually think Dez is right. Don't worry Austin, she'll perform.

(In practise room)

(Ally video chating)

Ally: Hi mom!

Penny: Hi sweety! I just learned how to use this Skype.

Ally: Aww good job mum! Yeah, I...

Penny: Sweety?

Ally: Mom?

Penny: Sweety? Ok, looks like I didn't learn how to use Skype.

Ally: Turn on sound!

Penny: What?

Ally: (text her message)

Penny: Oh wait I just got text. Oh it's from you! Turn on sound! Ooooh ok.

Ally: Hii mum!

Penny: Hi sweety!

Ally: So, I need to talk to you.

Penny:Sure Ally what do you want?

Ally: Ok, here's the thing. Trish booked me to sing with Austin but I can't because I have stage fright.

Penny: Oooh it's stage fright problem again. Ally if stage fright is giving you so many problems why don't you conquer it.

Ally: I know but it's not that easy.

Penny: Well, if you can't conquer it, why don't you just tell them about it?

Ally: I don't know I just don't want to upset them.

Penny: Well then you will have to...

Ally: Wait! I have idea!

Penny: That's grat hunny...

Ally: Ok, see ya bye! (leaves)

(In Sonic Boom)

Trish: Dez what are you doing?

Dez: I'm making a (creepy voice) VOLCANO!

Trish: Why?

Dez: Because it's fun! And I also need it for school project.

Trish: You are making volcano of chocolate?

Dez: Exactly.

Trish: (remebers that she has to make it too) Wow can I help you?

Dez: Sure.

Trish: Ok, here is what I was thinking you are making volcano, while I am watching you and learning.

Dez: Wow, I'm so proud of me! I have my own student! (hugs himself)

Trish: (sits and starts eating chocolate) Life is good. (smiles)

(Ally walks into Sonic Boom and try's to say some words and pertends it does not come out)

Dez: oh we're playing charades!

(ally shakes her head)

Dez: she's saying no about something

Trish: I think Ally means no to charades dim wit

(Dez has a sad face)

Austin: oh your chocking! (Puts his arms around Ally) i need to tell you something I like...

Trish: hey stranger ill can I borrow that water bottle (grabs water bottle from stranger) (goes up to Ally about to poor water)

Ally: (pushes Trish hand away) I am fine um Austin wat were you going to say?

Austin: Oh nothing... I'll tell you later when it's the right time

Ally: um... Ok?

(Ally in the practice room playing the piano and singing) I wish I could be me but I cant there's something about me no one else knows

(Austin listens outside the door then knocks)

ally: (opens door) hey Austin uh...

Austin: hey Ally uh... Wat was that song about?

Ally: uh.. It's for someone

Austin: who?

Ally: uh... A person

Austin: Ally you can tell me anything I can help you just let me know

Ally: (smiles) I just don't want to make you guys upset

Austin: Ally there's basically nothing you can do that can ever make me upset the only way you can make me upset if your no longer my partner or friend

Ally: (smiles) thx Austin

Austin: I won't tell anyone I promise

Ally: ok I'll tell you I have stage fright

Austin: I never knew that but everyone has to have a fear of something just like me I'm scared of.... You know wat actually never mind

Ally: hey I told you my fear

Austin: fine, I'm afraid of umbrellas

Ally: ( laughs really hard )

Austin: (sad face)

Ally: I mean everyone hast to have a fear of something and Austin you can tell Dez and Trish I have stage fright I mean if I told you I should tell my other friends too.

Austin: if you say so (runs to Trish and Dez)

(Ally runs after Austin)

Austin: hey guys guess what, Ally has stage fright

Dez: called it

Ally: uh... No you didn't

Dez: oh... well, I didn't, called it

Trish: Ally, why didn't you just say that

Ally: cause I didn't want to upset you guys

Trish: Whatever flaw you have I'll accept it because were best friends forever

Ally: thx Trish ( hugs Trish) (Trish hugs back) (Ally pulls away) (Trish pulls away)

Trish: hey Dez, are you done with the volcano were supposed to give in tomorrow for school?

Dez: yep it's the most choclatiest volcano there has ever been ( Dez goes up to the volcano and starts eating it)

Trish: (mad face) wat are you doing?

Dez: uh... Duh eating I am starving!

Trish: Dez! That was supposed to be for our project at school!

Dez: Ya but, since you decided to learn from me I thought I taught you well so you can make the volcano. (Continues to eat)

(Trish walks over to Dez madly and smashes his head into the chocolate volcano)

Dez: (Dez pulls his face out of the volcano and like his face) that was fun! Do it again

Austin: Dude she's nit going to do it again because she has to do me now

Trish: I'm not doing either of you

Dez: why don't you and I both grab our heads at the same time and smash it at the same time into the volcano

Austin: good idea! (They both grab each other's head and smashes it into the volcano then pulls their heads out of the volcano)

Austin and Dez: (smile and do the wat up hand shake) wat up!

(The End) 

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