Welcome Partys & Visits.


Austin, Ally, Dez, and Theresa prepare for Trish's welcome party and they were happy, Theresa's parents, Mary and J.G. McLaughlin, arrives along with her brother, Garrett, and they want her to come home and Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez does not Theresa to return to England, then Austin tells Mary and J.G. that Theresa wants to stay in America and they understand and Garrett also wants to stay and J.G and Mary let Garrett stay in Miami.


Main Cast

* Ross Lynch as Austin Moon

* Laura Marano as Ally Dawson

* Raini Rodriguez as Trish de La Rosa

* Calum Worthy as Dez

* Caroline Sunshine as Theresa McLaughlin

* Kenton Duty as Garrett McLaughlin

Recurring Cast

* Helen Baxendale as Mary McLaughlin

* Brad Pitt as J.G. McLaughlin


* Kenton Duty joins the main cast.

* Brad Pitt and Helen Baxendale have been on Friends, but not together.

* Caroline Sunshine and Kenton Duty works together again since Shake It Up

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