Yvonne Battersby is a reoccuring character in Austin and Ally.

Yvonne Battersby
Gender Female
Age 17
Nationality American
Hometown Miami, Florida
Friends and Family
Fred Battersby

Sandra Battersby

Hector Battersby
Ally Dawson

Trish De La Rosa

Love interests
Austin Moon (Former)
Other Information
First Appearance
  Drama and Desisions
Portrayed by
Merritt Patterson

Yvonne on first day at Marino High


Yvonne is a bright, bubbly individual with a great personality. She has long brown hair, blue eyes and a bright pink hairband.


Drama and Desisions - First appearance

Perfection and Pasadena - Travels with the gang to Pasadena.

Matresses and Monsters - Helped by Ally and Trish to get to know Duncan Minouge by dressing up as the Specter of Miami.

Drain-Disasters and Kung-Fu Masters - Evacuates the Mall with Ally and Trish.


Ally DawsonEdit

Yvonne has a good relationship with Ally, along with Trish, they are best friends.


Yvonne loves hanging out with Trish. Yvonne, Ally and Trish are best friends.

​Austin MoonEdit

Austin had a crush on Yvonne and got together but decided to stay as friends.


Yvonne loves Dez and thinks he's quirky.


Yvonne seems to dislike her brother but loves him really.

​Fred and SandraEdit

Yvonne adores her parents but do get on her nerves sometimes.


Yvonne dressed as the Specter of Miami to impress Duncan.

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